Your Journey

Here at Class, we aren’t simply looking to fill spaces. We concern ourselves with perfect matches, not just in the interest of our clients, but our staff too. We understand that there are lots of things to consider when looking for work, so when you take that first step in contacting us, the next step is to get to know you.

Let’s get together and have an informal chat. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about your experience, talk about any concerns or constraints you may have, and focus on how we can help find you your perfect placement.

First is an informal and friendly meeting, let’s get to know each other and find out how we can sensibly help.

We support you every step of the way. Our enthusiastic team is here to offer advice, discuss your options, and help you with your transition.

Don't just take our word for it

See how we've helped find the right job for a few of our recent candidates

Hannah's journey

I initially made contact with Class Recruitment for bank work over the summer as I was relocating to Bristol. My intention was to discover and learn more about working and teaching in an Early Years setting.

I was not sure what to expect when I arrived at Class Recruitment. When I met Karen, who was dressed smart but causally, she made me feel quite relaxed as our discussion was very informal. We sat in a cosy room, with a coffee and just talked about my experience of primary school teaching, what I loved about my job from characteristics of learning to in the moment planning. I found myself being totally honest about what I was looking for. Karen and the agency understood that I was keen to gain more early years’ experience but would hopefully move forward in developing my teaching abilities as well.

I was offered work quickly, which was great as I was keen to start. During my chat with Karen, we spoke about a number of different early year’s settings and their ethos. Karen arranged for me to visit a few nurseries to see whether I would feel comfortable taking on an Early Years teaching position, something I hadn’t really considered before. This experience was invaluable, as I was able to see different early year’s settings without making a commitment. Working as an agency Nursery Nurse was exactly the same, except I was paid! I was glad to see that I was getting regular work- 5 days a week too.

I worked in a variety of settings and ended up returning to same setting. I really enjoyed working at one particular setting and they were recruiting. After discussions with the manager and owner, they created a teaching role for me within their nursery. The role and setting are perfect for me and I wouldn’t have found the opportunity if it wasn’t for Class placing me here in the first place. I feel that Class really listen to what I was looking for, supported and gave me the opportunity to explore the world of early years. If you are unsure about working for an agency, don’t be phased as Class are really supportive, they listen and are always happy to support your journey into a potential job or career.

Stella's journey

Recently moving from Oxford to Bristol I knew I had to start the daunting process of finding a new job in a new area. From working in a nursery from the last 6 years I was unsure where to start or even what to look for in Bristol. I decided to put my CV online to keep my options open and hope for the best. Katie called me after viewing my CV and explained who she was and the vacancy’s they had within Early Years. I was interested and Katie mentioned about meeting to explain more. Being in a new area and not having transport Katie said she would be more than happy to come and meet myself in my local café, none of the other agencies who had previously rang had offered this and I was keen to take Katie up on this offer. Straight away after the phone call I received a confirmation email of the registration with the date, time and what I needed to bring – which was also explained to me on the phone. Katie phoned me when she left to double check we were still meeting which I thought was good.

Meeting Katie I did feel nervous although she did explain it was more for a formal “chat” than an actual interview. I felt at ease straight away, we spoke about me, my childcare experiences and “my wish list” for my new role. Katie then explained about Class and some of the permanent Vacancy’s they currently had, which she matched with what and looking for such as Nursery’s close to my home. Knowing I was desperate for work Katie told me that I could also do some temporary work with Class and offered me a guaranteed contract (30 hours guaranteed each week, 6 hours per day). This was amazing news! Katie explained that she hoped the reassurance of the temporary guaranteed contract would take pressure off me rushing into a new job, and would help me find something more suitable and what I was really looking for, she was right and I straight away felt more at relaxed about the process of finding a new job.

While I filled out some registrations forms, Katie was already phoning Nursery’s to get the ball rolling and arrange some interviews. I left the initial meeting feeling so much more positive than when I walked in. I had Nursery roles explained to me – which I was so interested in and sounded perfect for what I was looking for, interviews being arrange and I also had a backup plan with the guaranteed contract, which I could start as soon at my references were back (which helped with my stressful money situation)

A few days later and interviews in place Katie had gone on holiday and had handed over my situation to her manager Karen. I hadn’t spoken or met with Karen and being in the middle of interview process which at the time I was still unsure what to do and keen to start the temporary work, I was slightly worried about what would happen. On Monday Karen called me to follow up and catch up with me, which was so reassuring - I could tell she was really interested in helping me even though we hadn’t met. I explained how I was feeling and mentioned I was thinking about going back to a previous employer. Karen totally understood how I was feeling and persuaded me to take some temporary work to open my opportunities and to see what was out there. I was offered shifts that same day by Karen for the week which I absolutely LOVED – it was the right decision to take.

By the end of the week of doing temporary work I had been offered a permanent job (from my first interview arranged by Class). When offered the vacancy I felt I could be honest with Karen and I did have some doubts of taking on the new role. With some great advice and not feeling at all pressured at all by Karen, I came to my senses and thought I would be silly not to take this amazing opportunity. I wouldn’t have found my dream job without Class and the process made everything easier. I was understood, reassured and they were both always honest with me – the team works really well.