• Holiday/Time Off
  • Absense & Sickness
  • Grievance Proceedure

Holiday/Time Off

When planning time off please advise your Consultant well in advance so that suitable cover can be arranged. This enables your Consultant to schedule your assignments in accordance with your availability, and assess any holiday pay entitlement.

Test Absense and sickness

If you are unable to attend work for any reason, please telephone Class Recruitment. We are open 8.30-5.30 Monday to Friday. If this is outside office hours please leave a clear message on the answer-phone. Agency workers who pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions and are PAYE temps are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) in the same way as other Employees. Entitlement will depend on whether you are working on an assignment at the time you fall sick. If you are, then you may be entitled to SSP until the end of your current assignment. If you are not working when you fall sick however, you will not be entitled to SSP. (Qualifications Rules Apply – Please contact payroll for further information)

Test Grievance Proceedure

In the unlikely event that you have a problem in any assignment contact your Consultant who will endeavour to resolve the issue promptly and efficiently.

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